Brett Fletcher, CFO

Brett Fletcher co-founded the InjectAbility® Clinic with his wife of nearly 30 years, Leslie Fletcher, AGNP-BC. Brett graduated from California State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration. He has served over 30 years in law enforcement, which included assignments in background checks for new hires, crime scene investigations, writing policies and procedures, and being a detective in both the financial crimes section and the homicide division. Brett’s diverse background in police work and his keen eye for detail, has contributed to the suitable financial roles at the clinic. He also plays a part in organizing all of the trainings at the InjectAbility Institute. He sees to it that the operations of our clinic and Institute run smoothly, and safely. He even started a “safety and fraud prevention in businesses” campaign that has been used not only at InjectAbility Clinic but has been implemented at other offices around the country as well.

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