Billie Aldrich

Billie is our front and back office coordinator at InjectAbility® Clinic. She came to us with an extensive medical background including previously working as an Emergency Medical Technician in the emergency room followed by a 17-year span as a Registered Dental Assistant.  Her medical office experience gave her the ability to try her hand as a medical office manager, which she did for over 10 years.

She came to InjectAbility with some experience in the aesthetic beauty world, but as a patient.  The transition to the other side of the table gives her an excellent perspective to how the patient feels sitting there bravely trusting their face to our experts.

One of the things she loves most about the aesthetic world is that while most patients enter our office looking to improve their appearance to simply look their best, there are some that seek our services for a true therapeutic purpose. Many patients have experienced something in their lives that has caused an aesthetic challenge and she loves to see them regain their confidence after receiving treatments that improve and in many cases reverse what has given them insecurities.

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