Why Should I Get Restylane?

When it comes to using dermal fillers to enhance your appearance, you are going to be presented with quite a few options that will help you treat fine lines and wrinkles and deal with the other telltale signs of aging. Restylane® is one of the more popular dermal fillers on the market right now. There are several reasons why you should consider using this treatment.

Restylane® is a safe product. It has proven to be effective in fighting fine lines and wrinkles for many years now. You are able to get long-lasting results that can be seen soon after the injections are given, and the results that you get are natural. It will not be apparent to others that you had any work done on your face.

The very first thing that you should know about this product is that it is based on hyaluronic acid. It is a transparent gel that our skilled medical professional will inject into the areas you would like to treat. This will then smooth out folds, fine lines, and wrinkles in your face. It is especially good at treating nasolabial folds, the creases that you see around your nose and mouth. You can feel confident using this product because hyaluronic acid is something that the body already naturally produces.

The reason why Restylane® works is because the gel adds volume to your facial tissue. Before having the product injected, your skin will look saggy and old. After receiving your injections, you will have more volume and lift in your skin. The wrinkles that you once had will be smoothed away. You will look younger, which will make you feel younger.

This treatment can be used to shape facial contours, plump up your lips, and smooth away folds and wrinkles on your face. It is commonly used right between the eyebrows, on the nasolabial folds, and on the lips. However, this treatment is very versatile and can be used on just about any area of the face. When you come in for your consultation, we can talk about the other areas of your face that can be treated using Restylane®.

The amount of time that the treatment will take is going to depend on the correction that you want to have performed. However, treatment time is generally very quick. Since it is based on hyaluronic acid, there is no testing that needs to be done beforehand.

Do not feel nervous about receiving Restylane® injections. Our specialist will do everything necessary to make you as comfortable as possible during treatment. The result will be increased volume in your treated areas, which means that the skin will be lifted and the wrinkles will be smoothed out.

The experts at InjectAbility Clinic are pleased to offer Restylane® among our many dermal fillers. We are located in Torrance and gladly serve clients in the Los Angeles area with personalized aesthetic services. Contact us to learn more about how Restylane® can help you improve your appearance.


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