Target Stubborn Body Fat Non-Surgically with CoolSculpting

You wake up early every morning and go to the gym. Throughout the day, you eat clean and avoid unhealthy food temptations. You are proud of yourself for your self-control and your ability to stick to your diet and exercise program. No doubt, when you look in the mirror, you have seen some improvements. But there may be a few things that have disappointed you. When you look at your love handles, the areas underneath your arms, and your thighs, you are not seeing the results that you had hoped for.

If this scenario describes you, know that you’re not alone. There are many people who stick to a very strict diet and exercise program but cannot lose fat from certain stubborn parts of their body. In times past, the only option to address these issues was liposuction. And although everybody wants to have a perfect body, many people were not willing to risk surgery to get it.

Then, the FDA cleared the use of CoolSculpting®, and now more people can have the sculpted body they want. CoolSculpting® is a unique treatment that targets the fat cells in the body with a controlled cooling effect. Because of this controlled cooling, fat cells die, are absorbed by the body, and then are naturally flushed out of the body over the next few months.

One of the benefits of CoolSculpting® is that it is noninvasive. Liposuction meant going under the knife. CoolSculpting® can be performed over a lunch break. Many people have the procedure done while they are reading a book, taking a nap, or watching a movie on their tablet. There is no way that a person could do these activities during a surgical fat removing procedure. And since no surgery is involved, there is no recovery time. Once the treatment is done, you can immediately go back to your everyday activities.

CoolSculpting® is very safe. The idea for the procedure came about as scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital examined child patients who sucked on a popsicle every single day. They noticed that these children started to develop dimples in their cheeks. This led to further investigation, and the scientists realized the effect that cold can have on eliminating unwanted fat.

CoolSculpting® provides natural-looking results. This procedure is not designed to replace diet and exercise. It is designed to complement the two. And it encourages people to stick to their workout routine.

Diet and exercise will always be the primary way that people lose large amounts of weight. CoolSculpting® is a tool that works in conjunction with both to give your body that defined and sculpted appearance you want. InjectAbility Clinic proudly serves the Torrance, CA area. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.


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