Target Redness with IPL Therapy

Reddened skin can be caused by blemishes that become darker as more capillaries form in the affected tissue. Other reasons for skin redness can be due to overexposure to the sun, darkening of an injury scar, or rosacea. Intense pulsed light therapy, or IPL therapy, is a photofacial treatment that targets these problem tissues and stimulates creation of replacement cells.

IPL treatments use broadband light that is emitted in pixilated form through a set of carefully chosen filters. The light energy passes through the epidermis and is absorbed by darker tissues that lie beneath.

What IPL Therapy Can Treat
The causes of rosacea and melasma aren’t completely understood, but one thing is clear: The redness is visible because the lower dermal layers contain an overabundance of capillaries. Some of the adjacent tissue is damaged as well, and these cells keep reproducing themselves. When purposely heated up by an IPL energy emission, the cells are slightly damaged and are soon replaced.

Because the body is treating the damaged cells as an injury, our body sends additional nutrients to the site. Capillaries shrink when they absorb these light frequencies, and some of them are discarded as well. This helps reduce the visible redness, increase collagen production, and helps smooth the skin surface giving it an even tone.

The modern instruments used in IPL therapy can be customized using a mix of frequencies. The filters in the device can be controlled to deliver just the right wavelengths in the proper strength helping to prevent light energy from being absorbed by the epidermal layer.

We consult with the client beforehand and discuss concerns such as rosacea, reddened blemishes, and acne scarring. The IPL device is placed onto the skin surface, and the light pulse is emitted directly through the epidermis. After a few pulses the device is moved slightly and the process repeated. A typical IPL photofacial session takes only about 30 minutes to complete.

Rosacea becomes less visible because the capillaries have shrunk, and some of them are damaged and discarded as waste material. Red blemishes become less noticeable because the skin is now full of collagen and elastin and takes on a more evenly-toned appearance.

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