PRP for Hair Restoration: Increase Hair Density

Topical treatments for hair loss are little more than Band-Aid®s designed to forestall the inevitable. The moment you stop using them your hair will begin to fall out again at a fast rate. PRP for hair restoration, however, is not a Band-Aid® solution. This treatment is a natural way to restore your hair density by revitalizing your follicles.

Available at InjectAbility Clinic, this natural remedy is backed-up by science and research. If you are curious about whether or not this treatment option will work for you, we have gathered some information to keep you informed. You can also speak with our educated staff at our office in Torrance, CA to get answers to your questions about PRP for hair restoration.

How PRP Works to Achieve Real Hair Restoration

It all begins with a detailed consultation. When ready for treatment, a  member of our team starts by drawing your blood. By placing the extracted blood into a specially designed centrifuge, the blood is spun until the red and white blood cells are separated out from the plasma, which is loaded with important growth factors. These growth become an active part in helping to correct problems with your impaired hair follicles. Once the PRP formula is injected into various regions of your scalp to encourage hair regrowth, it is just a matter of time before you start to notice your hair growing back again.

With PRP for hair restoration it is important to remember that this is not an instant fix. Because of the nature of the treatment, most patients will need two to three treatments in order to achieve their goals. Our staff can develop a personalized treatment plan with you so you will know exactly what to expect. PRP for hair restoration guarantees gradual results, which continue to appear months after treatment.

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At InjectAbility Clinic in Torrance, CA, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with effective and safe treatments. PRP is minimally-invasive which means there is little to no downtime after each session. Side effects are typically minimal and resolve themselves quickly.. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


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