Kybella: An Effective Double Chin Treatment

There are times when having something about your appearance that you do not like can really get you down. Every time you look in the mirror, it can make you feel self-conscious. Some individuals who are dealing with a double chin have low self-esteem because of it. No matter what they have done to try to get rid of it, nothing works. We would like to tell you about a double chin treatment that will give you results. Kybella® is an injectable treatment that will make fat under your chin disappear.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Most people do not want to undergo surgery to get rid of their double chin. For many people, using surgical procedures for cosmetic reasons is just too risky. The amazing thing about Kybella® is that it does not require any type of surgery.

With this double chin treatment, a series of injections are given. The main ingredient in the product is similar to an acid that is found in the digestive system. The acid will break down the fat that it comes in contact with. Then the body will naturally remove the fat. With a series of injections, you can say goodbye to your double chin.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

As you are determining if Kybella® is the right option for you, you should take time to learn as much as you can about this double chin treatment. The first thing that you should know is that many people qualify for the treatment. Since it is non-surgical, it has very few risks. One of the main things that would disqualify a person from the treatment is having a double chin that has more excess skin than fat. This is not a skin tightening treatment, so if you have a lot of loose skin under your chin, we are able to discuss other treatments with you.

When you visit us for the first time, you will go through an initial consultation with one of our expert injectors. They will explain how the treatment will be performed and what you can expect in the months to follow. Since the treatment relies on the body to get rid of the fat, your results will not be instant.

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Are you interested in finding out if Kybella® is a good double chin treatment for you? If so, you are warmly invited to visit InjectAbility® Clinic in Torrance, CA. We invite both men and women who are interested in improving their appearance to meet with our team and find out about the non-surgical options that we have to help them improve their self-confidence. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


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