How Does Lip Augmentation Work with Dermal Fillers?

Do you want a safe and effective way to make it seem as if the hands of time have traveled backward when it comes to your appearance? We are talking about a non-surgical and minimally-invasive treatment that will allow you to tackle thin and flat lips. We would like to tell you about the benefits of dermal fillers for lip augmentation.

It is good to differentiate between dermal fillers and neuromodulators. A popular neuromodulator is Botox®. This product is designed to address wrinkles by modulating the way that the muscles underneath your skin react. Botox® is able to minimize the frequency and intensity of muscle contractions. As a result, your facial skin does not bend or fold as much allowing wrinkles to lessen or even disappear.

Conversely, dermal fillers are designed to treat the wrinkles and facial gauntness that comes as a result of the loss of facial volume. This means that when you use this treatment, issues such as hollow cheeks, sagging skin, and flat and thin lips can be reversed.

What Dermal Filler Do You Need?

There are a number of dermal fillers on the market right now. Each has its own benefits. Some are specifically designed to address fine lines and wrinkles that are the result of volume loss. Others are used to reshape your lips. Some have been designed to break down naturally after just a few months. Others can last for more than a year.

The dermal filler that you will need will vary depending on your cosmetic concerns, your body’s ability to tolerate the primary ingredients, as well as your aesthetic goals. A lot of this is determined during your initial consultation with us.

The most popular dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid as their primary ingredient. This is beneficial because hyaluronic acid is something that already exists in your body and lips. It is what your body uses for lubrication between the joints and what supports the foundation of your skin. When you select a product that uses hyaluronic acid, it is unlikely that your body is going to reject it or that there is going to be an allergic reaction.

Dermal fillers are a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of your lips by giving you the volume and youthful contours you want. Speak with the professionals at the InjectAbility Clinic to learn more. We are conveniently located in Torrance, CA. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


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