Experience the Benefits of Injectable Treatments

Cosmetic injectable treatments are currently taking the world by storm. With these treatments, people are able to turn back the hands of time, redefine their appearances, and achieve an impressive range of benefits, all without ever having to go under the knife. From injectable neuromodulators that release expressive wrinkles, to dermal enhances that can do everything from restoring the structure of the face to reshaping the lips, there are a wealth of options for consumers to choose from. Best of all, none of these treatments entail any significant amount of downtime.

Minimize or Erase Motion-Related Wrinkles

At present, purified neuromodulators are ranked among the most popular injectable treatments on the market. In most cases, these are used to minimize the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines, lines surrounding the mouth, and other wrinkles that are the result of regular facial movements. When you invest in neuromodulators, you begin to take control of overexaggerated movements, thereby causing select facial muscles to relax. This, in turn, allows the skin to remain smooth, and those lines to lessen and subside.

Reverse Advanced Facial Aging

Dermal enhancers can be used to restore lost volume across the face, such as the formation of deep creases along the nasolabial folds, sagging skin along the jawline or jowls, hollows at the cheeks, and horizontal creases at the brow. Many of the most popular enhancers are largely comprised of an acid that’s naturally found within the connective tissues throughout the human body. This is hyaluronic acid, or HA, and once HA has been injected into the skin, it automatically binds to the skin cells within the treatment area and starts attracting water molecules, as well as stimulating your own collagen to produce. As a result, not only is volume restored at the injection site, but the overlying skin becomes instantly hydrated and smoother as well.

Augment Your Lips

Surgical lip augmentation procedures have long been the only option for consumers who have wanted to redefine their lips. Now you can get remarkable changes in the subtle shape and size of your lips using injectable treatments.

At InjectAbility Clinic in Torrance, we aim to always provide smooth, even, and entirely natural-looking results. Contact us today to book a consultation in the Los Angeles area and get started!


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