Combine PRP Therapy with Micro-Needling for Enhanced Results

When searching for the perfect skin care routine, you’ve probably tried it all. Various creams and lotions have never kept their wondrous promises, and the beauty treatments you’ve tried haven’t quite worked in addressing all of your skin care concerns. It’s time for you to set aside your disappointment! PRP therapy with micro-needling lives up to every promise by rejuvenating your skin in a multitude of different ways.

What Is PRP Therapy?

PRP is also known as platelet-rich plasma. This beauty treatment uses the power of your blood to enhance your skin. Beginning with a routine blood draw, PRP uses a centrifuge to separate your blood into its different components. We use your platelet-rich plasma, which is made up of growth factors, proteins, and white bloods cells.

PRP is able to regenerate skin cells as well as prompt your skin to create collagen. PRP treats all of the signs of aging by making your skin firmer, helping it retain more moisture, and improving your skin tone.

What Is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling is a beauty procedure that uses small needles to create microchannels in your skin. While that might sound like the opposite of your skin care goals, micro-needling actually prompts your skin to initiate the healing process. Your body will recognize the microchannels and will start producing more collagen and elastin in order to heal them.

Micro-needling has been proven to improve the overall look and texture of your skin. That new collagen will leave your skin glowing and plump. Micro-needling can also address other numerous signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines as well as reducing the look of acne scars and stretch marks.

Combining PRP and Micro-Needling

On their own, both PRP and micro-needling are effective treatments, but when combined, your results will be even better. We begin with the routine blood draw to retrieve the platelet rich plasma we need. As we do the micro-needling procedure, your platelets are delivered back onto your skin where you begin to absorb all of the great benefits from your own body.

Have the best of both worlds! Combining the power of PRP therapy with micro-needling at InjectAbility Clinic can double your beauty results, leaving your skin looking younger and healthier than it ever has before. We are conveniently located in Torrance, CA. When you want to have double the impact on your skin, call us so that we can schedule your PRP with micro-needling for enhanced results!


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