11 Benefits of Juvederm

Many people are looking to restore youthful glow and fullness to their features. At Injectability Clinic in Torrance, CA, we are proud to offer our patients the non-invasive anti-aging treatment, Juvederm. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about this miraculous treatment.

11 Incredible Benefits of Juvederm

1. Hypoallergenic Formula

One of the most significant benefits of this treatment is that it is hypoallergenic. Juvederm is composed of hyaluronic acid, a chemical compound found in the human body. You don’t have to worry about a foreign substance triggering an allergy response.

If you decide to receive this treatment, there is no need for an allergy test beforehand. You’ll experience a stress-free treatment and continue on your way.

2. Natural Cheek Augmentation

Previously, cheek augmentation required the implantation of silicone forms. Having a silicone implant under your facial skin causes an unnatural feeling and appearance. There is also a risk of infection and scarring with any surgery. Individuals using silicone cheek implants also have to endure regular imaging tests to ensure the implants were not shifting.

Now you can enjoy the aesthetic results of a cheek augmentation without the hassle and potential danger of implants. Juvederm Torrance allows you to contour your cheeks and tighten up your skin without invasive surgeries.

3. Fuller Lips

Much like cheek augmentation, lip augmentation procedures previously required the use of implants. Scar tissue and misshapen lips were a significant risk. Thankfully this option is rarely offered by doctors anymore.

This treatment poses no risk and plumps your lips into the perfect pout with hyaluronic acid; no implants are required. Your lips retain their natural feel, and you can have them as subtle or as full as you desire.

4. Smoother Skin

As we age, our faces commonly lose volume; this allows gravity to create wrinkles and folds in previously supple skin. This treatment is FDA-approved to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and even the deepest of facial folds. The skin near your eyes, mouth, forehead, and hands can all benefit from this treatment.

5. Quick Results

Some dermal fillers require multiple treatment sessions spaced several weeks apart. This treatment demands no such thing, providing you with speedy results. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the effects of your treatment after two to three weeks of settling time and just one session. The results of that session will last for two years for most people.

6. Dramatic Difference

It may take a few weeks for your face to adjust and for you to appreciate the full results. That period is nothing compared to how dramatically different your face will be. Patients who receive this treatment often share that their loved ones tell them they look five years younger.

7. Works Well with Others

This treatment pairs well with other aesthetic treatments. Our professionals suggest pairing it with Botox for a completely rejuvenated look. Numerous fillers and skincare treatments prohibit you from receiving other anti-aging treatments. Because Juvederm is hypoallergenic and natural, it blends flawlessly with other therapies.

8. Enduring Results

Another fantastic benefit of this treatment is the longevity of its effects. Most dermal fillers have a lifespan of six to 18 months in the body, but this hyaluronic acid-based therapy hangs around effortlessly for two years.

Our professionals do suggest coming in for a touch-up session around 11 months. However, this is entirely optional and is not mandatory to maintain the results of your treatment.

9. Comfortable Application

Out of all the anti-aging treatments available, this injection is one of the most comfortable to receive. This treatment makes your experience pain-free because most of the formulas contain a liquid anesthetic called lidocaine.

However, don’t feel like you have to miss out on this anti-aging miracle cure if you are allergic to lidocaine. If you let one of our professionals know about your allergy during your initial consultation, they can accommodate your allergy. We can use a formulation that doesn’t include lidocaine.

10. Spectacularly Safe

In 2006 the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved this anti-aging therapy as a safe and effective solution to the loss of volume in a localized area. Extensive studies showed that the use of this treatment did not result in serious adverse events. The FDA only approves products after extensive testing and clinical trials, so you can have peace of mind while receiving this treatment.

11. Multiple Formulations Available

There are numerous formulations, and which you use is determined by your end goal. It is common for our patients to use several formulations during their sessions to create their ideal aesthetic. The Vollure formulation was designed to eradicate intense facial folds, while the Volbella was built with the focus of providing the perfect natural amount of fullness to the lips.

For those wanting a larger-than-life pucker, the Ultra formulation is an option to provide more volume to the lips than the Volbella formulation. The Volluma is used in the chin and jaw region to increase fullness and volume. These are just a sampling of the options. Our experts will go over what blend will best suit your needs at your consultation.

Develop Your Dream Aesthetic Today

If you’re ready to erase years from your face and feel confident and youthful, with no invasive procedures required, Juvederm is for you. Call Injectability Clinic in Torrance, CA, and schedule a consultation with one of our professionals. We can’t wait to help you put your best face forward.

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