If you feel you just don’t look like yourself anymore, there may be a few things that need replacing. It’s as easy as replacing a lost feature. The thinning of the eyelashes is known as hypotrichosis and it affects men as well as women when we age.

Latisse® is the fourth popular non-surgical aesthetic procedure in the US (Botox®, Juvederm®, Restylane® precede it). The reason for its’ success is that this product has demonstrated tremendous results. It’s amazing how much eyelashes can contribute to a youthful appearance of the face. The safety profile of the product can be well trusted, and it is the only FDA approved eyelash product on the market.

Latisse® was originally developed for the treatment of glaucoma, a disease of the eye. Allergan®, makers of Botox®, found the drug had such a dramatic side effect of growing the eyelashes that they decided to pursue and get FDA approval for a product specifically for that indication. With the cosmetic application the product is very safe for use around the eye.

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