JawToure® – Your jawline is the icing on the age-defying face

JawToure® is the latest beauty innovation to come out of InjectAbility® Institute. It provides an instant angled jawline. At any age, a well-defined jawline particularly on the silhouette profile, exhibits a more youthful as well as powerful appearance. With the use of dermal enhancers. our practitioners can create a more linear and contoured angle to the jaw, defining the transition between the face and neck. This all-encompassing treatment offers not only a more chiseled jawline, but also offers smoothing of the jowls, and elongation of the neck, making the entire face and neck region appear slimmer.

It has been reported that 68% of aesthetic patients are dissatisfied with their jawline contour, so we were thrilled to come across the JawToure® technique to help improve this area of concern. The newly sculpted jawline can enhance the overall refreshed look of youth in your face. This virtually painless treatment boasts little to no downtime with results lasting up to two years.

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