Hormone Replacement Therapy

InjectAbility Clinic offers bio identical hormone replacement therapy to assist patients in reaching hormonal optimization and to help obtain the level of wellness desired during all phases of life.

As we age, both men and women can see a contrast in the amount of hormone production necessary, causing an array of unnecessary and preventable symptoms.

BHRT Pellets

Bioidentical hormone replacement pellets are small, rice-sized pellets that are placed under the skin and release the hormones over several months. Pellets are the only form of testosterone or estrogen hormone replacement therapy considered to be long-term and maintain their effectiveness for several months.

The key to pellet therapy is the use of bioidentical hormones. These are plant-based hormones structured to be identical to what the body already produces, and not synthetically derived. The body recognizes the hormones and does not have to expend energy to convert the hormones into a usable form.

bhrt pellets info

Pellet therapy is fast and easy and requires very few visits during the year for its application and maintenance.

How to get started

There are few steps involved before receiving treatment. Having these things prepared can expedite your treatment process.

  • Mammogram within one year
  • Trans-vaginal ultrasound within one year
  • Bloodwork (can be done through our clinic)
  • Consultation with Provider

Call us for more information or to book your consultation and begin your journey to optimal wellness.

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